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If you are interested in accessing or adopting one of our programs, please contact us by phone or email and complete the form below.  This form will help us provide you with the best products and services to meet your needs.

Programs are licensed to organizations (employers, hospitals, etc.), individual researchers, and community service providers.   Program license fees vary depending on the number of users, length of utilization, program tailoring, and the number of user reports generated by our staff.

Our programs provide ‘ready-made’, empirically tested interventions which are ideal for workplace health promotion, community health initiatives, and research projects.

As needed, we can provide you with unique usernames and passwords and generate utilization reports detailing sections of the program viewed, number of times the program was accessed, and total time spent in the program.   

Exploring CWH programs

The process for exploring and possibly adopting one or more of our programs typically follows these steps:

  • Contact Dr. Deitz or Dr. Rios and discuss which program (or programs) are of interest to you, and how you might use them – number of likely users, options for tracking use, etc. 
  • We will describe our flexible pricing plans.
  • Access to programs can be provided for a trial period. This will allow you to view the program and explore its content and technical features.
  • If the organization wishes to license a program, a brief, one-page Licensing Agreement is signed by both parties, and program access is provided by CWH. 

  What some of our users are saying:

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