Using proven cognitive behavioral stress management techniques, this intervention teaches African American women how to reduce stress caused by discrimination and non-discrimination experiences through 11 weekly video chapters on their mobile phones. Hosted by Kesha, a peer who used the intervention and now leads it, these chapters help users increase their understanding of stress, develop coping skills, and reduce barriers to adaptive coping. To promote continued interest and engagement, the intervention utilizes a mix of video styles. In some videos, Kesha addresses the user directly to present information and share personal stories.

Roundtable group discussions deliver comfortable, unscripted conversation with different examples and experiences. During One-on-One Interviews, Kesha has an in-depth conversation with a professional to help convey more dense information in a digestible way. Person on the Street videos provide a multitude of voices to introduce a topic in a fun, engaging way. And finally, relaxation videos are broken into two segments. In the first, Kesha defines and describes the relaxation technique in detail, using models to demonstrate. In the second, the user is guided through a voice-only exercise.