BREATHE: Stress Management for Nurses


BREATHE is an engaging online program created specifically to help nurses manage the unique stressors that nurses encounter.  BREATHE was developed by an award-winning team of nurses and behavioral scientists, incorporating the best evidenced-based practices of stress management, tailored to the particular needs and experiences of nurses.  


BREATHE consists of seven modules, including Assess Your Stress (provides assessments and feedback on personal stress and coping levels); Identify Stressors (helps users recognize the symptoms of stress and their personal stressors); Manage Stress (provides a number of different stress management strategies and tools); Avoid Negative Coping (addresses the problem of using alcohol and drugs to manage stress); and Your Mental Health (focuses on depression and anxiety and when to seek additional counseling). The program utilizes an abundance of interactive exercises, downloadable tools, real story videos from nurses,

and other audio/visual content. 


In a randomized controlled trial conducted with nurses at five hospitals, nurses using the BREATHE program showed significantly greater reductions on the full Nursing Stress Scale and on six of the seven subscales.